by Lagowski



Based on Nanotechnology themes. Ashita means 'tomorrow' in Japanese.


A very pleasant, low-key techno set - slow, dreamy digital drumbeats percolating along above warm, static pads and washes. Once in a while a radio beacon beams in from outer space, but unobtrusively. The vibe is so smooth, I'd be tempted to call 'Ashita' new age for the drum 'n' bass generation, if "new age" weren't a dirty word.
The choice of percussion tones is especially tasty - light, with lots of treble and not much processing, so that the groove stays in the foreground while the sustaining bed recedes. There's not much to latch onto intellectually in the minimalist arrangements; the mix is the sophisticated part. - Jim Aikin, Keyboard, June 1998.

Andrew Lagowski has recorded under many names including Legion, S.E.T.I, and now a project named after himself. The title of the album is "Ashita" which loosely translated from Japanese means "tomorrow". This seven track, one hour release is a concept album focusing on nanotechnology and its societal implications. Each track is named after a various step involved either with the development of, or the eventual use of this subatomic manufacturing process. While this concept may sound like something out of a Science Fiction novel, there are in fact steps being taken in the computer chip industry to pack more transistors on the head on a pin than blood vessels in your body. Musically "Ashita" is a minimalist journey of methodical rhythms. subjugated atmospheres, and no vocals as is standard on all solo Andrew Lagowski projects. My favorite track is the voluminous 'Megascale' with a slow, echoed build-up, that grows into a funky drum meter ebbing back and forth. The track continues for twelve long minutes but never grows boring or tedious regardless of its repetition. Once again Andrew Lagowski reveals his significant skill of developing unique sounds that hold our interest regardless of how they are used.
- Sonic Boom

Nanotechnlogy or no, Lagowski knows what he's after in the studio. Ashita is a masterful example of his work, and should be ambient enough, yet percussive enough to satisfy a wide range of listeners. Personally, I'm giving it Both Thumbs for the almost-hidden treasures it contains.
- AmbiEntrance


released January 1, 1997

Written and produced by Andrew Lagowski in the Trinity Road attic studio. More information at


all rights reserved



Lagowski London

Making/recording electronic music since 1982 and before that was a drummer in a new wave band. Since 1987 he has released > 30 albums and ten 12” singles. Projects include Nagamatzu (co-founder, guitarist, programmer, engineer), S.E.T.I., Clans of the Alphane Moon, Project Ghost, Legion & Lagowski. ... more

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